Our large format printing department is capable of handling most digital art files.   
This document describes the file formats we support.  It also provides layout specifications and scanning requirements. 

Any non-digital artwork must be converted to a digital.  We can do this by creating your artwork, or by scanning If we are to scan artwork, you must provide art that is either camera-ready, line art, photographs, transparencies, or negatives.  You will not get satisfactory results from scanned letterhead, inkjet, or offset prints.  Take into 
consideration that scans need to be cleaned up and color corrected, therefore normal turn around does not apply.

Disk Media: 
We can take the following media in both PC and Mac OS Formats: Zip Disk (100mb, 250mb), Jazz Disk (1gb, 2gb), 3.5 Floppy (1.44 mb), CD-Rom(650/700mb), DVD-Rom 
(1.7 Gig) 

These are the main applications supported by DL Graphics. Please ask your sales person if they are able to accept any specific programs other than what is listed. 

 Adobe Illustrator (up to version CS2) 
 Quark Xpress (up to version 6.5) 
 Adobe Pagemaker (up to version 6.5) 
 Adobe InDesign (up to version CS2) 
 Freehand (up to version 10.0) 
 Adobe Photoshop (up to version CS) 
 Corel Draw (up to version 10.0) 

You can reach our URL at http://www.DigitalLifeGraphics.com.  From our website, you can upload files. You can also email your artwork direct to Signs@DigitalLifeGraphics.com.   Please restrain to less than 8mb when sending artwork via e-mail, any files larger than 10mb  Click Here To Up-Load Your Artwork. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should be included with my artwork? 
All jobs must include a color printout, and where applicable, pantone colors called for our matching purposes. If no print out is received, the customer must sign off on the job before work can begin..  Please be aware that color laser printer or desktop inkjet printers do not print accurate colors and therefore cannot be used for color matching 

Is my artwork good for grand scale printing? 
Illustrator/Freehand/CorelDraw files are ideal for large format reproductions.  These types of “vector-based” files can scale to larger sizes without any image deterioration. 

What if I have scans in my artwork? 
Raster/Photoshop files need to contain an appropriate amount of image data to ensure reproductions that is not flawed by pixilation or aliasing.  Our recommended resolution for Raster files is 100dpi at the final output size. If your images do not scale out this high, or your images are larger than what can fit on your transportable media, then try using this formula: 

 Standard Resolution (300 ÷ Viewing Distance = DPI) 
 High Resolution (600 ÷ Viewing Distance = DPI) 
For example your banner hangs in a show booth, but the booth is 10 feet deep, and you want the highest resolution possible.  You would divide 10 from 600.  The result would be 60 DPI at the final output resolution. 

Font files must accompany any job that are used within the layout.  If you prefer, in some applications you can convert all fonts to outline-form in lieu of providing the font files. 
Large Format
Printing Artwork Submission Specifications
• Photo Quality Digital Poster
• Vinyl Signs & Banners
• Floor Graphics
List of Services
• Car & Window Vinyl Graphics
• Trial Exhibit Boards 
• Custom Graphic Layouts

• Magnetic Vehicle Signs
• Trade Show Displays
• Window DisplaysMagnetic%20Vehicle%20Signs.htmlTrade%20Show%20.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/Window%20Displays.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3
• Retail Signs
•Restaurant Menu Displays
• A-Frame Displays
• Encapsulation Lamination
• Acrylic and Lexan Signs
• Real Estate SignsEncapsulation%20Lamination%20.htmlAcrylic%20and%20Lexan%20Signs%20.htmlAcrylic%20and%20Lexan%20Signs%20.htmlReal%20Estate%20Signs%20.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2shapeimage_11_link_3
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