Why should I laminate?
Lamination is an excellent way to get the most out of your inkjet print.  When you need durability from UV radiation and abrasion, laminating is your best option.  Another reason why people laminate is to change the finish of their print.  If you are printing on a Matte paper, you can change the finish of your output by simply applying a Gloss, Satin, Textured, etc. laminate over the surface.  Or other times it is as simple as needing to add rigidity to your finished product.  You can apply different laminates to your output front and back to come up with your desired thickness. 
Encapsulation &
Pressure Sensitive Lams
Encapsulated Gloss, Luster or Matte Lamination.
Encapsulated lamination is our low cost lamination solution offering exceptional protection for your poster output.
Protect Your Work
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• Photo Quality Digital Poster
• Vinyl Signs & Banners
• Floor Graphics
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• Car & Window Vinyl Graphics
• Trial Exhibit Boards 
• Custom Graphic Layouts
• Magnetic Vehicle Signs
• Trade Show Displays
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• Retail Signs
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• Encapsulation Lamination
• Acrylic and Lexan Signs
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